The Mindful MSP

Let us protect your business and get rid of your IT headache 


We leverage our expertise in Cyber Security and IT Support to keep your business efficient and compliant. Whether you need more IT Support or you have been infected with ransomware too many times, The Mindful MSP can help.

Business Continuity

By learning your pain points we create an actionable plan to keep your business running even when disaster strikes.

Offsite Replication

Our backup solution enables our clients to continue to work even during a server outage. 

High Availability

We design, implement and maintain High Availability environments with VMware and Hyper-V.

99.99% Uptime SLA

We respond to outages immediately. 

As a business owner, you’re busy with a million things. You don’t have time to keep track of constantly changing security issues, help your employees with their PDF documents that won’t open, worry about the server that may fail, somebody to field all the Tech Support requests, etc. Or worse – you’re already juggling installing Windows Updates, helping your employees with all the little IT issues, and working with 3 or 4 software vendors.

We do all of that for you – giving you an all-in-one Tech Support team that actually brings your business sustainability in a rapidly changing security environment, or managing your current team to bring them up to industry standards. Here are some big wins:

“Over 1 Hundred Thousand Dollars in avoided lost revenue and ransomware costs”

One client was around for 10 years – just okay support from their line of business program – but their support did not include securing the network. We did an analysis and found out their security was wide open just waiting to get the company server infected.

Within 3 months of The Mindful MSP managing the entirety of their network, server, and all of the workstations we got their number of infections to 0 a month. Yes I said 0 – this equals over $100,000 per year in saved lost revenue for the company. 6 months later we haven’t had an issue other than the occasional password reset. We’re still consulting with this client, who is on track to double revenue by the offsetting by the savings of headaches and lost revenue.